Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amaya trying on Flower Girl dresses

Amaya is going to be in Anthony's cousins wedding in November of this year. We went to David's Bridal and she tried on dresses and they had a head piece kinda like what she will wear in the wedding but it will be made of fresh flowers. She took my breath away. I started to cry a little. It was like I was seeing her there and then later in many years...I will be back in there trying on wedding dresses for her. She told me she felt like Cinderella!! She was all giddy! She is very excited to be asked to be in the wedding!! Thank you Heather and Chris!!


Chance actually smiled for me to take his picture! I can't believe it. Usually he gets huffy because he hates to have his picture taken. He is getting to be such a BIG BOY! I can't believe he is going to be in the 3rd grade!!

McDonalds Fun!

Me and Anthony at McDonald's
The girls in the Helicopter

Mahayla wanting her picture taken
All 3 of the Monkeys at Mcdonalds

Say Cheese Mama!

Mahayla got this camera last year for Christmas and I tell is still one of her favorite things to play with. I guess since I take my camera everywhere it is rubbing off on her. She was taking my picture and tell me to say cheese! She is a little photographer in the making!

Me and Amaya

This pic is one of me and Amaya that we had Chance take of us before she left for camp. I was so sad to let her go...but I knew how excited she was and how much fun she would have. And I was right. She had a blast. That is all she talked about when she got home for a solid week. She took a camera and when I get them developed I will post her pics.

Amaya leaving for Girl Scout Camp!

Amaya thinks she is grown I think already lol. She was leaving for camp this I took a pic of her and then she decided she had to call Papa and her aunt and other people to tell them she was leaving and would miss them. She is such a sweetie.

Amaya at Field Day!

Here is pictures I took of Amaya at her field day at school. I can't believe she has graduated kindergarten and is going to be a first grader!! Man this year sure flew by! Her class beat all the other Kindergarten classes in Tug Of War!! Me and Mahayla stayed with her all day and had lunch. She had so much fun.

Been MIA lol.

I haven't posted pics on here in FOREVER..Sorry! I just uploaded a bunch of pics..some old and some new...I will just start adding them. Better late then never...right? lol.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunday...Kids in the Park

Mahayla eating her cookies on the deck
Amaya blowing her bubbles that she got when we got home.
Mahayla in the Fire Truck
Amaya in the Firetruck
Chance in the Fire Truck

Sunday May 3rd. We went to Kids In The Park. It is a local event in our area just for the kids! They had bouncers, crafts, and goodies for the kids. The kids had a blast and loved sitting in the fire truck. It was so hot outside almost enough to make you miserable! Here are a few pictures of the kids at the park and from when we got home.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures from Sunday

Sunday we went to a birthday party for one of my friends Lucy's little boy. He was turning 4. I figured I would take some pictures of the kids hanging out in a tree. I love how the pictures turned out. Can't wait to print them out so me and Amaya can scrap them.It was so hot out there we all came home with a little sun on our cheeks.

Amaya and Me go to Hannah Montana Movie

Saturday afternoon we went with a friend of mine April and her little girl Jaylyn (Amaya's best friend) to see the new Hannah Montana Movie! The girls were so excited! Amaya of course had to wear her Hannah Montana Flip Flops and shirt. I looked in there and almost every girl had a HM shirt on lol. Amaya would get so excited every time she was going to sing in the movie. It overall was a really good movie! Others made an appearance in the movie like Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift (Another of Amaya's favorites). We had so much fun and it was nice getting to spend some extra time with Amaya. I know she enjoyed it because she kept telling me over and over.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Blogging!

I decided to start a new blog! I figure I could post things that are going on in my world and post pictures of the kids and things going on with them! So, this will be my day to day journal and I will be posting pictures of what is going on with us! I am making a promise to several people ( you know who you are) to TRY MY BEST to keep up with blogging on a day to day basis! If I don't you know you can give me a swift kick in the rear! LOL!!