Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl Scout Patch Ceremony

Tonight we had a Girl Scout ceremony to give the girls the patches that they earned. Amaya received 6 patches. I am so proud of her. After the girls received their patches we had a big dinner. Everyone brought all kinds of goody's.We all left there full! Now I will have to find someway of getting all these new patches put on her sash. She has got quite the collection on there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Big Pre-Kr'

This year Mahayla started Pre-K! I can't believe my baby is in school. I took a few pictures of her doing her homework which was learning to write her name. She looks like such a big girl at the table. She was so happy she had homework (Wonder how long that will last). She got it done and was excited about showing her sister and brother and daddy what she did. I'm glad she is having so much fun in school.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who's Ready For A Pinkalicious Slumber Party??

It's Amaya's Birthday Party with her friends! She invited several girls over to spend the night and have a good time! I must admit..I wasn't excited about having all the girls over...but I was excited to get to plan it all and get everything all PINKED UP for her!
The Pinkalicious idea came from a book Amaya loves! It's written by Victoria Kann, and Elizabeth Kann. If you have a little girl it is a really cute book about a little girl that loves the color PINK and she eats too many PINK cupcakes her mom makes and turns the shade of PINK!
We googled Pinkalicious and found a website for the book. They had some fun printables and ideas for the party. A friend of mine helped (Thanks Alayna) with typing up and making a very cute party invitation Amaya loved them and was so excited to hand them out to her friends. I got a Giant cupcake pan and made her cake! She loved it! We made a banner to hang that said Happy Birthday and printed another printable for the wall. Pink napkins, pink cups, pink straws, we wrapped the forks with a pink napkin and printed out a printable to wrap around the silverware. I made sure we had all kinds of goodies for them laid out on the table...we had pretzels dipped in pink chocolate and sprinkles, we had pink wafer cookies, pink whoppers, sugar cookies with pink icing, and of course pink marshmallows. For dinner we had pizza and crazy bread. For breakfast for the girls we had strawberries, and pink pancakes.
The girls had Soooo much fun! They played outside, they danced, they played games, then they watched Hannah Montana movie. They finally knocked out around midnight and I was glad because I was getting a headache! My poor hubby and son gotta outta the house by camping out in the backyard in the tent and made a fire to roast marshmallows. They weren't about to be inside with all these girls. I made it through our first slumber party...and I have to admit no more anytime soon! I am just glad Amaya and her friends had so much fun and it was nice to see her interact with them. All in all I would have to say she had a Great 7th Birthday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amaya's 7!!

Amaya turned 7 today! Where has the time gone? I can't believe she is already 7 years old and in the 2nd grade! You can really tell a difference this year on how much she has grown. Tonight we had family over to help celebrate with her! She was so excited to have everyone over just for her! I made her a strawberry bunt cake with Chocolate Icing...and of course...who could forget the Messy looking but it was so good!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Sick Boy

This morning I took Chance to the doctor to have him checked out. He told me he hasn't been feeling well and is running a slight we went in...and Who would have known...he has Bronchitis!! He had just started a cough. I am so glad that we took him in. So needless to say he is outta school for the rest of the week. So, I had to go by the school and let them know and talk to his teachers about sending his homework home with his sister. Hopefully when the medicine kicks in he will be feeling much better!