Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Mahayla on Valentine's Day! She sweet talked one of her siblings for a sucker that was in the shape of a heart on a ring pop holder. She said it was cherry flavored and walked around forever sucking on that thing. She said it was so yummy!
Chance was filling out his Bakugan Valentine cards for his 3rd grade class when I snapped this. He was concentrating so hard. He hasn't liked his picture taken that much I was sneaky to take this one.

Amaya here filling out her Hannah Montana Valentine's Day cards for her 1st grade class. She insisted that she needed no help this year. She did a great job..and was so excited to hand them out.

Valentine's Day was pretty good this year! The kids were so happy to come home from school to show off all their cool valentines they got and all the candy (way to much) that they got at their class parties. I am so glad they had a fun party and day. Loved sharing Valentine's Day with the Loves of my life.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February...Girl Scouts...

We finally finished up Girl Scout cookie selling! Thank was a lot to deal with this year..with the amount of girls we have in our troop and with the cookie booths. Amaya did several cookie booths this year...and well exceeded her goal which was 100. She was so happy because she gets more prizes for the more she sales. Alot of the girls in the troop did really good on sales this year even the new ones that hadn't done it before. Here is a picture of Amaya with her Girl Scout Sash on. We all had so many different kinds of cookies to sell...but my family each had their favorites. Amaya loved the peanut butter patties, Lemonades, and Daisy-Go-Rounds. She couldn't get enough eating them. Glad Cookie time is over..and we don't have to do that for another year!