Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chirstmas Day!

We got up in the wee hours of the I knew we would. The kids ran in and told us that Santa had came. We got the camera and ran in the living room to see what was left behind. Chance had a paintball gun, paint balls, and a movie. Amaya had a doll that she has been wanting, an outfit for the doll, a lap desk that she very much so needs as well as a ken doll that she had been wanting. Mahayla also got a doll, with an outfit and a lap desk. They got a ton of things as well that they opened from me and their dad....If you ask them what their favorite thing is...Mahayla will tell you a stroller for her baby, Amaya will tell you her Apple Ipod Shuffle and Chance will tell you his Paintball gun. I think we did good this year on getting what they really wanted. This is just some of the many things they got. They all ran over and see that Santa ate his cookies and drank his hot chocolate and were happy that he came to visit.
Then later we ran to a friend of ours mom's house. She invited us over for Christmas dinner. We had such a good time talking, laughing and eating a lot. I tell am I gonna lose all this weight I have packed on the past few days? It's gonna be hard..but I am gonna have to work on it. We had a Great Christmas...and I hope all of you did as well.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve...and today we went to my in laws and had a great big feast! It was good seeing everyone. We exchanged gifts...well the kids did. We all buy one gift per family for each child. Amaya got a Children's Bible, A tattoo barbie, Zhu zhu pet, and money. Mahayla got a doctor's kit, Zhu zhu pet, a doll with clothes, and money as well. Chance got a Zhu Zhu pet, A nerf gun, a watch and money. They got more than enough already and Santa hasn't even came yet! Tonight before we went to bed...we rolled out some sugar cookies and decorated them with sprinkles and left a plate of cookies and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows out for Santa. We also ran outside and sprinkled our reindeer food that Mahayla made this year in class. Such a good's oats for the reindeer and glitter so they can find their way! They loved spreading it out all over the front yard. I can't wait till morning when they wake up and see what Santa left them! Just hope we aren't waking up TOO early!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl Scout Christmas Party Troop 1723

We had a great time at the Girl Scout Christmas Party. We had Santa there to talk to the girls, and give them candy, we had fun exchanging our $5.00 gifts we brought and had a whole smorgasbord of food to choose from. One of the girls grandmas made all kinds of sweet treats homemade. I along with the other mothers were in heaven. It was all so yummy! These are pictures I took from tonight of the girls with Santa.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beach Shopping Trip With The Girls

This past weekend I went to Myrtle Beach,Sc and went shopping with my friend April and her mom and two sisters. We had a blast. We went to two sets of outlets, and then the huge mall they have down there. I got me some new Nike's. I really needed new tennis shoes. So I was happy about that. I also found me a few shirts at Aeropostle that I love. I have been dreading going shopping for jeans! I have only a few pair that I can actually wear...and I just hated the thought of having to try jeans on. Well I hit the Levi Outlet and FINALLY found some jeans! The girl that helped me was so sweet. It really felt good to buy me some jeans that I actually love. I hate the size of course, but I will have to work on that. I also went to Nautica and picked up Anthony a few shirts, and got the kids shirts each at Old Navy. We ate and ate while we were down there...which won't help with trying to get to a smaller size jean that's for sure.I ate at Cracker Barrel I hadn't been their in awhile. We ate at Zaxby's. If you haven't ever ate their you should definitely try it. It's Chicken and it's so yummy! Also we indulged in Dunkin Donuts! My all time favorite place!! Good thing there isn't one around me because I would have to hit it up every day. All in all we had a great weekend. I love my kids and hubby but let's face it....we all need a break now and then. It was really good to get some down time and come back refreshed!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Proud Mama

Tonight we went to the school and watched the 2nd grade classes perform in a Christmas play and the school choir performed. So that meant two of my little monkeys were in it. Amaya was a reindeer in the chorus part of the play and then Chance was with the choir that he practices with at school. Everyone did such a great job! We were really proud of them! It really got us all in the Christmas spirit! I snapped a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree before they had to go where they went for their performance and a couple more during. Pictures don't turn out that great in the gym for some they aren't the best. Not much longer...are you ready for Christmas?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade (Girl Scouts)

Today we had to be in line at 2pm for the Christmas parade. We all were dressed in our Santa hats, Girl Scout sashes, red or white shirts (not that you could tell with our jackets on). It was super cold. We were all freezing. Good thing we had blankets covering all of us up! I took this shot of Amaya with Raquel (The Dog) on the float. The girls seemed so tired of singing, hollering Don't forget your girl scout cookies, and Merry Christmas! They all said they had so much fun though. We came home and I fixed us big cups of hot chocolate and that got us warmed up in no time.