Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kids in the Park 2010

Amaya sitting in the Fire truck
Mahayla in the fire truck

Amaya with her face painted : )

The girls taking their time to whip up their masterpieces! They had so much fun painting!

We went to Kids in the park. They had all kinds of vendors out you information on kids saftey and things they offer in town for families. Some were giving away things at their tables and some had crafts and things for the kids to do. Chance was not wanting to go so me and mom took the girls. They made bracelets, got their faces painted, ate snow cones, played basketball, got to paint pictures, they got in the fire truck, and police cars, and we had their pictures and fingerprints taken so that we had a id card in case one of them went missing we would have it. I thought that was a really good thing they were doing. At that point I really had wished Chance would have came. After we left there we went over to Taco Bell and got us some lunch and headed home. We were all wore out from the day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Home...and it's Beach Time!

Amaya, Chance, Mahayla, and My Mom outside of the Aquarium
Mahayla seen this pink starfish and hollered it's PATRICK from Spongebob! We all had to laugh...even people around us. She loves her some spongebob!

Me and Mahayla inside the bubble that fish were swimming around. She was nervous but smiled.

Amaya's turn in the fish Aquarium bubble. She thought it was so cool.

Chance in the bubble! All smiles!

We decided to jump in the van and go to the beach! We couldn't's Spring Break for the kids...and we were on our way! We had lot's planned while we are there! Putt-Putting at Broadway at the Beach, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and going to the Ripley's Aquarium, eating out, shopping, and more! It really wasn't warm enough to swim yet..although the kids insisted they thought it was! We knew better just by putting our feet in the water and how fast the wind was whipping. We had so much fun even if they couldn't swim. It was nice getting outta town and doing something fun. We need to do that more often! Nothing but good times!