Friday, May 14, 2010

Girl Scouts Mother/Daughter Dinner

The girls writing letters

Jaylyn and Amaya
Mahala, Amaya, and Sara

Me, and Amaya
We got together and enjoyed a evening of being together with our daughters. We had a good meal and lots of goodies to choose from. Then we took portraits with our daughters, and a group Photo. We will be getting the portraits back this coming Monday so then I will post them. I did however take some pictures with my own camera. We had so much fun doing crafts with eachother and playing a fun skittles game with straws! It was Mother's against Daughters...and of course the Mother's won!! YAY! It was nice being able to spend time with Amaya and giving her all my attention...that is sometimes hard when you have three kids and them all wanting attention. All in all it was a fun evening out with the girls!

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