Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick Or Treating!

Tonight is the night for Trick or Treating! I haven't felt that great and neither has Mahayla my little one. We have come down with a horrible stomach virus. She is determined that she is going Trick Or Treating! We bundled up and went on our way. The kids got TONS of candy. I have to inspect it and then pick out a few of my favorites of course which include...lemon heads, Now N' Laters, and a few pieces of chocolate of course! I think they looked fantastic! Mahayla went as Little Mermaid, Amaya went as a Witch, and Chance went as a werewolf. I think I did a great job on coloring the girls hair, and Anthony on Chance's makeup! Looks so real! No I don't have the dates wrong if your our town we are Trick Or Treating On Saturday the 29th.

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