Friday, June 4, 2010

Amaya's First Grade Field Day

Amaya doing Jump Rope

Anna (friend), Amaya with Mahayla

Amaya about to run in her field day race
It was such a hot day! We were all ringing wet. The first part was outside..and if anyone knows in North Carolina..the humidity will hit you in the face when you open the door to go outside. We made sure the kids were hydrated really well and had lots of sunscreen on. Amaya's class won for the fastest girl runners, and won free ice cream tickets for the hoola hooping! We ( me and Mahayla) went to lunch with Amaya and then waited in their classroom before it was time for the second half of field day. Thank goodness it was inside. Amaya was in the jump roping contest, then they did basketball, and then it was time for free style dancing. The kids enjoyed that it seems like the most. It was a long, long day but we had fun. We should all sleep good tonight.

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