Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fort Fisher Aquarium

Me and Mahayla went with Amaya on her 1st grade field trip to Fort Fisher Aquarium! We went down to Kure Beach and had a good lunch. Then we got on a ferry boat and went over to the Aquarium. It was fun seeing the kids ride the ferry for the first time. They couldn't believe the buses and cars were on there too! We saw lots of fishes and sting rays and all kinds of sea creatures. We even got to take time and touch a starfish and sting ray! The girls were scared at first but they did it. We also seen turtles and a alligator that was ALL WHITE...the girls didn't believe it was real...but then he moved really quick..and they found out it was! We learned it was in a shaded area by itself because the other alligators were messing with him and he can't be in the sun like the others or his skin will burn. After the museaum we took time to walk on the beach. The teachers had little containers that the kids names were on and they decorated for them to collect seashells..then we all took our shoes and socks off and got our feet wet to cool us off. Some got more wet than others. In this picture is Addison, Anna, Amaya, and Mahayla posing on a Frog statue.

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