Friday, July 9, 2010

Girl Scout Father/Daughter Lunch

Amaya was so excited to go to the lunch with her daddy. That is all she could talk about for days. She picked out the exact dress she wanted to wear and even helped her daddy pick out what he should wear too! All she could talk about was how much fun they had when they got home. They did crafts together, and played a skittles game..where you start at one end..and suck a skittle to the straw and hold your breath while you run to the other table to drop it on the plate. They had to see how many they could get and what Father/Daughter team would win. She said they didn't win..but she had so much fun playing it. I really think she enjoyed spending time with her dad alone without her sister and brother to take up his attention. She told us she for sure hopes they do this again.

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