Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't know what I was thinking day...

I went shopping with my sister, nephew, and brother at the mall here in Texas. I have been wanting my eyebrow pierced since high school but never had the nerve to do it..and didn't really want to hear what my mom would have thought if I would have done it then...but now...there was nothing stopping me...and my nephew was in my ear...saying you won't do don't have the I decided to shut him up real quick...I signed the paperwork..and was waiting..thinking what in the world am I doing? I am 34 years old and sitting here like I am a teeny bopper! LOL! She came in and it went quick and it felt like two bees were stinging me at the same time..its a weird and painful feeling that is for sure. I am glad its over and hopefully it won't take long to heal. I gotta get used to having it though..and being careful when I towel dry my hair and brush it. I like how it looks though. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) that my hubby likes it when I go home and he see's it.

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  1. I don't know what you were thinking either! ;)
    Good progress on the blog updating - and FYI your background is showing up for me again. No worries.