Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Trip On A Airplane To Texas

We went to visit my sister Lori and her kids Ricky, Ashleigh, Ryan and Luke. Her hubby is serving us all proud in the Army and is in Kuwait right now. He has been stationed there for almost a year. So we decided to come out there and visit with them..and spend the end of the summer (3 weeks) with family. The kids have never been on a plane but were so excited to get on one, as well as nervous. I took a few snapshots of the kids on the plane. The stewardess gave them little flight wings for it being their first time flying..and also took them back and showed them their little kitchen area and things. They enjoyed that. They pretty much listened to the radio with their headsets and enjoyed a coke and some pretzels. All they could do is give me the thumbs up. They did get a little nervous at take off and at landing.....we had a smooth trip to Atlanta and then another smooth flight to San Antonio Airport. We never usually get to do things like this..and I have to say this is our biggest vacation we have ever taken. We are a little sad that Anthony couldn't come with us. He had to stay behind to work and take care of our dog Harley. We sure are gonna miss him though! Yay for vacations!!

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