Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach Weekend

A friend and I decided that we would take the kids to the beach this weekend..with no hubbys. We were leaving them behind to work, and to fish together. The kids were excited to be getting time at the beach. This will probably be the last trip down there we take this year. Sad, I know. We decided to get them dinner..which was a quick trip to Mcdonalds and then head home to get them in the bed. So Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast...made us some lunch and snacks to take..and hit the beach!! The kids were wild childs running on that beach in the sand. I have to admit it was so nice feeling the sun on our backs and the sand between our toes. The kids had a blast playing in the water. Although the rip currents were really strong so we couldn't go out that far...there was a hurricane coming in within the next few 4 or so. After we stayed out there for hours..we had to come in because it had started to rain. So we came home and took showers...and headed out to get some dinner. We ended up going to Chili's! That's where everyone picked to go. It was so yummy. The kids had fun coloring the chili pepper pictures they gave them..while we waited for our food we talked,laughed and ate chips and salsa. Food was so delish! We ate so much that we had to take some home with us! Then we headed to find a Putt-Putt place to go to. We ended up at the Treasure Island Putt Putt Place. The kids had so much fun! We haven't played that since earlier this that was good we got to do it again. I of course forgot my camera when we got to the Putt Putt place I realized and so I took pictures on my I will have to figure out how to upload them on here. After Putt Putt we headed to Mcdonalds and got Mini McFlurries..and headed home. We got up early Sunday morning to head back home..and get ready for another week of school. I am so glad we got to go! But ugh...another long week begins!

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