Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Shopping Time!!

Today we all hit the outlets! I got school shoes for everyone but Mahayla..couldn't find any in her size that I liked. I got I don't know how many outfits and a bookbag and lunch bag for Amaya from Old Navy. I shopped and shopped some more..I got a huge lead on school clothes which is a huge deal relief....jeans were on sale at The Childrens Place and so you know what that means..I had to hit them up big time! Too bad Chance can't fit their clothes anymore. I am gonna have to shop more for him somewhere else. I can relax though and know that I did get some stuff bought and they aren't just written on a Need To Get List anywhere! Now I have to make room in the suitcases to get it all back home. Then there is the nightmare school supply list that I will have to tackle as well. Thats gonna be a good chunk of money I am sure..the way the school likes to list and times it by three. Guess we shall see.

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