Monday, January 10, 2011

Did someone say snow?

Did It snow! Phew we have gotten 8 inches now and it's supposed to freeze over! School was cancelled today and already called off for tomorrow as well. The kids are enjoying the snow! All the running in and out is driving me a little insane though. I must admit. It seems like the girls don't even stay out there long enough to even get dressed in all their layers. Chance was having a ball out there with his dad having a snowball fight. All I could hear was laughter! Anthony walked down the road to his moms with the kids and said they walked thru the woods and played in the snow more. I myself went out long enough to take a few pictures and then came back in to get warm. That was more than enough for me! Now I am wondering when our week is going to really begin...and when is my house going to look presentable again! It's nice getting all of this family time and all but it seems like every room is outta order! Gonna have to get the kids on top of their rooms tomorrow and me in there working on the rest of the laundry and attacking my scrap mess. I can't let it go any longer! I plan on getting it done tomorrow so I can plan my next thing to work on around here. I am also going to try and tackle a 365 blog but I am doing it like a friend of mine Alayna...I plan on posting pictures weekly instead of daily. I think I can commit to that and it working out just fine for me. Guess we shall see.


  1. YAY for snow. Glad the kids are enjoying it! :) We had some snow, but mostly really icy, they closed school today and tomorrow because of the icy roads.
    Hope you get some things done tomorrow...I'm working on cleaning up around here because all of our rooms are out of order too! LOL

  2. Snow, ick! Not a fan of being out in it. Dont like the cold, lol. Glad the kids had fun in it!
    I love your blog layout super cute!