Saturday, January 29, 2011

January...Donate To Locks Of Love

Today we went to Hair Worx and the girls decided to get their hair cut. They are so tired of the long hair they just want a change. A good change it will be for all of more hassles with putting it up and with struggling to get Mahayla to let me brush her hair. They decided to donate their hair to Locks Of Love which I am so proud they are! They know that their hair will help someone that would otherwise not have the chance to have a wig made for them while fighting a terrible illness. This is a great day today!!
After Hair cuts we went to Fayetteville to Chuck - E- Cheese to meet Alayna and her kids Kaitlyn and Tyler. We had fun but man it was packed. Later we decided to go eat lunch at Red Robin...a family favorite restaurant and then ran into Hobby Lobby. It was fun shopping for craft/scrapping goods with a friend and not alone. Can't wait to get some time to get together to craft some.

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