Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last day going solo

Thank goodness today is over with! Wasn't all that bad but still I am glad it's done. Tomorrow the kids have school and I have a date with my to do list! I gotta get some stuff marked off and you got it...more laundry finished! Hubby will fly in tomorrow around dinner time and will be home just in time to tuck the kids in bed! They will be so happy that he is back home! I know I will be! This going at it solo is for the birds! I would much rather have him home to help with the kids! I have to admit I got some things done today...but not all. I just couldn't get in the mood to do much! All I wanted to do is blog hop and play games on facebook today! Ugh! Wasted day! Tomorrow I will make up for it though! I did however help my mom out with her a new blog! Hopefully she will get the hang of it soon! We are thinking of going to Walt Disney World in Florida this Spring! Never been so I put in for a free Informational dvd to help us decide on everything and check it all out. If you have been and would like to leave any tips/advice..please do so! I have had Shana fill me in on alot so far! Thanks girl! It always helps when you know someone that has already been somewhere and willing to give you some tips and advice on what they did that would help us as well! The kids don't know we are thinking about it and will be so shocked if we do go! I can't wait to think of a creative way of letting them find out!! I am excited myself!! Okay..enough of this rambling...I gotta go to bed...tomorrow comes!

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