Tuesday, January 4, 2011

School is back in!

YAY!! Anyone else doing the "Happy Dance" along with me? I love my three kids with all of my being but let's face it....we were all tired of eachother! We had enough togetherness once and for all. Everyone got up and ready to go...no one was dragging...shocking! We got the kids to school, hubby packed and on his way to the airport for his school trip and I am getting down to business in this house! Today I got A LOT of things done on my to do list...(Yes, I am a list freak). I love making lists for everything and the satisfaction it gives me when I can mark things off that I have completed. No biggie for others but it works for me! I got way more completed today than I thought. I was on top of things! I just hope I keep up this energy all week. That would help out on me trying to get things in order around here. I did laundry, swept, mopped the kitchen, cleaned the kids bathroom, and did much more. I am really proud for staying on top of the laundry especially. I am one of those moms that love to leave it in the basket..long after it's folded and days later. So I am proud that I went ahead and folded/hung up the clothes and put them away as I went. It sure makes things easier that is for sure...Now why haven't I been doing this all along? Who know?!
Now kids are in bed, and I find myself sitting here in a dark, quiet house. Usually now is the time where my hubby and I would talk about things we didn't get to talk about while the kids were awake or watch tv. or something. I don't like this single parent thing and it's only the first night of him being gone! Hopefully time will fly by like today and he will be back with us!

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